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VirulentFrenzy, Oct 26, 11 5:45 PM.
Rafael Leon:
John Cleary:

Next Meeting - - OCTOBER 12th - -

VirulentFrenzy, Oct 5, 11 7:20 PM.
If you have not already, please vote on all of the polls located at the top of the left column of this page. We need everybody in the club to vote on these polls to get an accurate picture of what the club wants.

Buy-in for Tournament Participants: $7
Buy-in for Spectators: $4
This money goes to 3 things (2 if you are not in the tournament), the charity Child's Play, purchasing of beverages and food, and the prize pool for the winning team.
Have the money for your buy-in ready to go
    - you will receive a stamped ticket as proof of your donation
    - when you hand over your buy-in you will enter some information into a spreadsheet
 - both of these will serve as proof of donation as well as help keep the gathering of donations organized

If you have not given us your buy-in you CANNOT come to the tournament. Have your money ready by October 12th, the next club meeting. If you are not able to come up with the money by this date, see an officer privately before the meeting or after the meeting.

The tournament will be on Twisted Treeline, have your team sheets filled out by October 12th and bring them to the meeting. Brackets and the type of tournament (double, single elimination, etc...) as well as the prize pool will all be decided on the actual tournament date; October 16th. Your team needs to have a name, if you do not for the purpose of moving you through the bracket and keeping track of your team you will be given a generic name.

Pizza, beverages, and snacks will be provided at the tournament (part of the buy-in money). If you are willing to bring any additional food, drinks, or snacks, that would be greatly appreciated. Bringing a bag of chips will not make you have to pay a reduced buy-in. If the amount of food you bring is considerable, such as enough to feed everybody, then something can be discussed with an officer regarding the buy-in.

The tournament will start around 2:30-2:45pm, arrive around that time please. The address of Triston's house will be given out at the club meeting on October 12th. If you have volunteered to help setup the tournament show up as early as 1:00pm.

If you have any questions send an email to,, or send a TXT to (951)233-4783, or bring up your questions by posting a thread on the forum or speaking up at the next club meeting.

Club Meeting on October 5th

VirulentFrenzy, Oct 3, 11 9:54 PM.
At this meeting we will have people sign up in teams of 3. We will have papers to write down your team on. All of the teams will need each of the following:

- Team Name: all English lettering, spaces are okay
- Names of all of your team members
    -a team captain must be picked on your team
- (optional) team logo, link to it, sketch of it, or description of it

First Club Meeting

VirulentFrenzy, Sep 28, 11 8:01 PM.
The first club meeting was great, we had a nice turn out. Over the next few days hopefully everybody that showed up to the meeting will sign up on this website. The next meeting will be a week from today, same time right after school just head over to the ROTC room. Make sure you check the forums from time to time make sure you vote on polls so we now which direction to take the club. At the next meeting we will have some new things to discuss, we should be able to get through everything if everybody shows up at a decent time and signs in quickly. Keep playing LoL and we hope to see you next week.

For now, please don't start any polls. Leave the space for the existing polls, right now we are still forming the club and need these questions answered. Having their space be taken up by "which champion is cooler" is not helping right now.


VirulentFrenzy, Sep 28, 11 12:35 AM.
When signing up and asked for characters, put the 2-4 LoL champions you play the most. If you do not play LoL yet then leave that section blank.
Club Schedule
League of Legends News
Dominion is a new game play mode recently released by Riot Games, Dominion features a Capture and Hold type play style. It engages a player's skill and forces them to work with his/her team in order to achieve victory in the Crystal Scar.
If you like playing League of Legends, like being in tournaments, and just like having a good time then you should join League for Legends. Even if you do not play League of Legends you should join if you want to learn how to play. Members will always be available to teach and help people learn how
League for Legends
    League for Legends is a club at Martin Luther King High School, and we host tournaments with buy-ins to help raise money for charity. A portion of the total money collected from the buy-ins will be given to the winning team while a large portion of the buy-in money will go to a previously selected charity.
    We took something we love to do and made it great. Our original goal was to take the competitive atmosphere we had all come to love and make it even better. League for Legends was created from that goal, and now is on track to help the the community while we are all doing something we enjoy.

How much better can playing a game you love be when you are playing it for charity?

If you are in League for Legends or are in the process of joining, please make sure you take a couple minutes and vote in the polls that are located at the top of the column on the left side of this page.

There are ranks in the club, this is really only for the website for forum and website editing access, they are as follows.
Club Master
    Full control of the website
    Control over many aspects of the website, moderators
    No editing privileges on the website but are more involved than a normal members
    No editing privileges, the average person
    Have not joined the club yet, either just browsing the website or they have a request to join pending
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